Parkour Games for kids
There are many types of video games that attract the players and among them the best in the business are the ones with stunning graphics and exciting levels. One such type is parkour video games. Parkour online games are very much popular among the players all over the globe and that is why the demand of these games is so high. IF you are looking to play the finest parkour games in the business, then here are the top 5 parkour games in the business:
Assault Course 2
Free Running 2
Parkour Master
Parkour Game
Base Jumper
The Google play store is available in all the Google play devices and there are various devices where Google play can store their applications. These devices have different applications but they use the same formula of working where the operating system used is the Android. The different kind of devices in the Google play is the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 4 Bumper and a few more. Some of them are latest and they have many in built functions and qualities which are suitable for the applications of Google play. The price range of such devices is different and they are sold at a maximum price of $400 which is not that much higher as compared to some other devices. Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is a Strategic defense game and many new features are added which keeps the users playing this game as much as possible. Samurai Siege is one of the top parkour games for kids where the Samurai and ninja fighters come into play and the kids who love fighting can really go for this game which is in great demand as of now.
The Playbooks on Google are available through the playbook store applications and titles of around 4 billion are carried by the playbook. The books are stored in the cloud and they are available both online and offline. The playbooks are not available in most of the countries and that is why while travelling to few countries this application cannot be downloaded and it is available in only 44 countries worldwide. The customers need to download the play books once they reach their own country where they have this facility. This is an action game and it is the series of the angry birds where we need to 120 levels to win it. This is so well-loved game which mainly depicts about nature and there is plenty of exploration. Forest visit and all such things are done here. This is an action thrilled shooting game where a shooter will target the zombies available and it is one of the best games on Android in 2014. Google play is definitely a global market and here we have maximum users. After the release of the iTunes many thought that there will no such applications. But Google, with the help of Android made it possible and easy. Now there is real competition between Google play and iTunes as the games released by them each and every year are fabulous.

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